NEW SHOW: Celebrating Canada’s first space commander

To commemorate astronaut Chris Hadfield’s mission to become the first Canadian to serve as commander of the International Space Station (and only the second non American/Russian to do so), The Peterborough Planetarium will offer a special interactive presentation on the latest Canadian aerospace technology and science featured on Chris’ upcoming mission.


The show: From mission launch in December 2012 until Chris lands back on Earth in May of 2013, we will offer the chance to ‘virtually’ launch to the ISS, dock with the station in Earth orbit (while travelling at 28,000 km/h!), operate the station’s Canadian-made robot arm and float around in a full-scale representation (pictured above) of the interior or this cosmic laboratory.

***Groups who book our standard “Tour of the Universe” presentation will have the chance to experience a mini version of this presentation, based on presenter Peter McMahon‘s experiences working as a contract writer for the Canadian Space Agency leading up to the mission.***

For more on booking “Celebrating Canada’s first space commander”, “Tour of the Universe”, or any other presentations, call or email: / (905) 885-9471

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