Meet our presenters

peter_mcmahon_peterborough_planetariumPETER MCMAHON

Peter is an award-winning science journalist who has worked for CTV, Discovery Channel, written for The Toronto Star, the kids publication YES Mag, CAA online magazine, and written science features for such magazines as Canadian Geographic, Today’s Parent, and Sky News: The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy and Stargazing where he writes a regular column on “wilderness astronomy” and serves as a contributing editor.

In February of 2010, he covered health science stories at the Vancouver Winter Games for

While serving as senior online producer for Discovery Channel, Peter hosted, edited, and produced the first TV-quality LIVE science specials on the Internet.

An avid “wilderness astronomer” , Peter was the first to propose that Jasper National Park become a dark sky preserve, and worked with Parks Canada to have it designated the world’s largest astronomy park, as of March 2011.

peter_mcmahon_presentation_peterborough_planetariumHe has spoken on science communication and astronomy at countless universities, science centres, conferences, and national parks, as well as delivering science communication workshops at Science North/Laurentian University’s Science Communication program and The Banff Centre.

Peter’s second installment in the Machines of the Future science experiment book series – Space Tourism (Kids Can Press, 2011) recently became an Official Selection for the prestigious U.S. Junior Library Guild.

rick_stankiewicz_peterborough_planetariumRICK STANKIEWICZ 

Rick’s award-winning astrophotography has appeared on such web sites as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, Earth Science Picture of the Day, Lunar Picture of the Day, and Optical Picture of the Day.

His photos have also appeared in Sky & Telescope Magazine, Astronomy Magazine (the world’s most-read stargazing periodical), Sky News: The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy & Stargazing, the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) and a variety of newspapers and magazines.rick_stankiewicz_aurora_peterborough_planetarium

Since his wife gave him his first “serious” telescope 15 years ago, Rick has combined his hobbies of astronomy and photography

rick_stankiewicz_moon_mars_peterborough_planetariumRick enjoys sharing his passion for astronomy with the public at any opportunity.  He joined the Peterborough Astronomical Association (PAA) in 1998, has previously served as President (5 ½ yrs).

He is currently the PAA’s Publicity and Light Pollution Abatement Directors.  He is also a member of the RASC.

(Photos by Rick Stankeiwicz: Top, Northern Lights; Above, Mars rising over the craters of our Moon; Below, the transit of Venus across the Sun; Bottom,  Moonrise in Ontario.)

rick_stankiewicz_sun_peterborough_planetariumBorn and raised in the Cambridge, ON area, Rick graduated from the Fish and Wildlife Technologist program at Sir Sandford Fleming College (Lindsay-1977).

Before retiring in (2011) after 32 years of service, Rick served as a Conservation Officer for the Ministry of Natural Resources.

After living throughout Ontario, Rick and his family have called the Peterborough area home since 1995.

rick_stankiewicz_tree_moon_peterborough_planetariumRick is married and has three grown children, with whom he has shared his love and appreciation for the outdoors.


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